More interesting bird pictures – Greylag Goose

25 02 2009

Just thought I’d stick up the pictures of the Greylag Goose as found by Greg Hanisek that Bill Banks kindly sent me so that people can have a look at the bird in question. You can read some discussion on the bird (here). Obviously not going to comment much on the bird itself (not my place) apart from to say that it’s all intact and not showing the revoltingly bloated look of your average farmyard domestic Greylag.

Waterfowl are a real quandary which is the reason I guess the ARCC (latest report here – which includes a couple of birds I had a hand in finding) came up with the ‘origin uncertain’ tag on their recent reports (back in the UK they generally tend to reject rare waterfowl reports unless there is some really strong evidence otherwise to assume the bird is of wild origin). You should have a look how long it took to get Hooded Merganser accepted onto the British List (here) it might help when reading the article to have some idea of how the category system work in the UK (here).



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26 02 2009

I was at that Reservoir a couple of weeks ago. I took some photos of Graylags-(Is Gray or Grey? I keep getting mixed up on that). I just dismissed them without even considering they might be wild. I guess I should have taken a closer look at them.

26 02 2009

Hi Larry,

Always worth taking a second look, but to be honest with just the one accepted North American report from a bird on a boat off of Newfoundland my guess is that we are a ways from getting a Greylag (apparently the AOU accepted this spelling of the name) accepted here unless some serious research can be put in to validate a sighting. It’ll probably take a banded bird in the lower 48 to get them accepted locally. That’s my opinion anyway. As far as I know the closest they get to us breeding wise is Iceland, although there are Greenland records I am not sure that they breed there.


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