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28 01 2009
eNature - Swainson's Thrush

eNature - Swainson's Thrush

My friend Chrissy sent me a link to a site where you can get bird song ringtones for your phone. There are plenty of sites out there offering this feature but the eNature one was the only one I could find that was letting you use them for free. Other prices seemed to range from $2.49-$2.99.

I notice on the eNature front page that Barn Owl was a favorite. I find that a little hard to believe, although I would think it would certainly make you want to make you pick up your phone pretty quickly.  For me the Swainsons Thrush would be hard to beat although you might end up just wanting to listen to the song more than you want to pick  up the call! I haven’t tried one out yet but i’ll update when I do. Not sure why Audubon or someone doesn’t offer this as a service – might be a nice little fundraiser (I’d be much happier paying a non-profit for this service).



3 responses

29 01 2009
Joe Bear

Personally, I’d opt for the sweet and peacefully soothing song of the Yellow-headed Blackbird.

30 01 2009

OOH! Free ones!! Thanks!

2 02 2009
Chrissie T

family tiller chose kentucky warbler after a quick trawl through

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