New Book Project – Birds and People

16 01 2009

Birds and People - David Tipling

Birds and People - David Tipling

If you have read my post on Holiday Gifts for Birders or perhaps just spent some time with me in the field you’ll know that one of my favorite books on birds and birding is Mark Cockers Birders: Tales of the tribe. He’s, in my opinion, one of the few birders that manages to combine in his work a great sense of humor, a great deal of knowledge and a reverence for the subject all at the same time.

I noted that he has a new book coming out, which was being heavily promoted in the Independent UK Newspaper, the other week (yes in the UK national newspapers are interested in birds, birding etc etc !!!!) The book, Birds and People: A Global Celebration of Birds in Human Culture will be a collection of reflections on our relationships with birds around the globe and they are looking for your contributions! Essentially they are looking for 300 or so word pieces that illuminate our wider relationship with birds, which sounds like an interesting opportunity for all those budding writers out there!

You can read more on this interesting project here. Some of the stories that are going to be included in the book arealready available on the website, as are some of David Tipling’s amazing photographs that will accompany the project – see above (his website can be viewed here). I am really looking forward to publication of this project, it looks fascinating! My favorite section so far is on the Kazakh Eagle Hunters.



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