Varied Thrush in Wilton – Dec 10

11 12 2008
Varied Thrush - Meredith Sampson

Varied Thrush - Meredith Sampson

Meredith Sampson, who was there at Jim’s when I saw the thrush on Wednesday, sent me this very nice capture of the bird (particularly given the distance and the pane of glass in the way). A beauty of a bird although somewhat elusive (no sighting today as far as I know). My hope is that it is still in the area and that as cooler temps set in it’ll become more reliant on Jim’s feeder – time will tell I guess.



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12 12 2008
Gina Nichol

We had some fantastic views of Varied Thrush in Alaska in June. It is incredible that this bird is in CT. I hope these rarities hang around until I am back in CT next week!

12 12 2008

Hi Gina,

Look forward to seeing you when you get back. I’d like to find a few of those other birds you had up in Alaska Trip down here in Wilton – Northern Hawk Owl, Steller’s Eider and Short-tailed Albatross!!!!!!!! would be nice 😉

13 12 2008

I’d love to be able to see this photo larger. Unlike some others you this one doesn’t enlarge. Can you send it to me in an e-mail? Thanks.

15 12 2008

Hi Juliet, I am trying to work out a couple of things that have changed now that the host of the site has ‘improved’ how I create posts – this is one of the issues that has cropped up.

3 02 2009
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[…] 3 02 2009 My friend Jim Meinhold (of Varied Thrush fame) sent me this great blog article and I thought I’d crib something from it just in case […]

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